Sunday, February 12, 2012

Performance and Installation (Steph gets plastered)

Oh my what fun we get into in sculpture.  
Stephanie Barker is seen here making a mold of her leg. 

Multipart molds are a long progress so Stephanie is multitasking and getting some studying done. 

Here she is with one leg totally invested. Once cured the mold is split into its multiple parts along undercut lines and then reassembled through a series of keys and filled with the desired casting material. In this case Stephanie will be making a set out of wax. In the future this mold can be used for any number of materials. 

If you are interested in mold making or any other process found in sculpture, make sure to take our 3D design and ceramics class (ART118) and any of our sculpture classes. 


Angelina said...

When I see this all I can think of us when Philpot was casting her hands and we heard her yelling from the shop room because she needed someone to push up her glasses! Haha..good times.

Earl Grey said...

Can't wait to see the piece when you're finished with it, Stephanie!