Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Amy Stein @ UK on Friday

The first Robert C. May photography lecture of the spring semester is this Friday at 4:00 PM in the Worsham Theater of the UK Student Center. The series this year focuses on the "constructed" photographic image. Amy Stein, whose work is on exhibit in the UK Art Museum, will be speaking about her photographs. To see more of her work, click HERE.

Quoted from the UK Art Museum website...

Lecture: February 10, 2012
Exhibition: January 22 to March 4, 2012

Amy Stein photographs a new incarnation of the natural world in her series Domesticated. A bear peers over a fence at a girl standing on a diving board, both frozen at the encounter. A fawn takes shelter in the warmth of a green house, wild cats perch in the skeleton of a home under construction. In a world in which animals like coyotes are becoming common in suburbia, the interaction between humans and wildlife requires adaptation on the part of both. 

Stein set out to investigate themes of human domination over the natural world in the twenty-first century, but as she began working in the northeastern Pennsylvania town of Matamoras, people began telling her about the encounters with wild creatures and she discovered a far more complex narrative. “Each story was relayed with a sense of wonder and fascination that hinted at a deeper connection,” she says. “I began to realize that something far more primal and mystical was happening in this town.” 

Hope to see you there.
Prof. Kincer

Image above: AMY STEIN, Watering Hole, 2005, C-print

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