Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rebranding @ Matchstic

Earlier in the semester, ART 338 Intermediate Graphic Design had a Skype conversation with the Matchstic branding house in Atlanta. Craig Johnson and John Bowles sat down to talk with us about the company, their projects and insights into graphic design and branding. In particular, we talked about evolution and revolution when it comes to logo design and brand identity (a topic for one of our projects in ART 338).

As it turns out, they have been working on their own redesign over the past year and posted the results of their hard work and innovation on their blog yesterday. It's a great study of fantastic design that you can read HERE. Check it out!

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rcvaughn said...

I love the re-brand! definitely think it will stand up better through time, whereas the other one seemed to follow a trend that I've seen everywhere lately. However, I do love simple, so of course I would love it!