Monday, December 5, 2011

Invention Say WHAT?

When I was a guest in my mothers fourth grade classroom she asked them what was the best invention of all time. The answers were of course amazing. No cars, computers, etc. The answers included, paper, paint, shoes, pockets (one of my all time favorites), telescopes, and bikes. Well I would have to add one more to that list after what I came across today... Conductive Velcro! The possiblilites are endless. This would allow for some of the craziest applications. Some that we have never even thought of. And this is not the future this is now. It is on sale for 22 dollars. HERE. For those who do not think this way, lets look at it like this. Imagine that you no longer have to have earbud wires because the wires are the velcro that already exist in your jacket. One of the proposed usages is

"a shared workbench that uses conductive hook and loop (velcro) to hold tools. Tools that have conductive loops on them can be attached to the wall of the work bench containing conductive hooks. In combination with a computer system, it would now be possible to see when exactly the tools were checked out, and by which worker."

 Wow! What would you do with it? What is your favorite/ most important invention you can think of?

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