Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Fun at Dr. Decker's: Weds. December 14, 4-6 pm

It's that time of year -- cider, coffee, cookies, and, yes, the found object gift exchange. I am serving as host this year. All students enrolled in art classes are invited...come on over this Weds (Reading Day) from 4-6 pm. The only thing you need to bring is something for the gift exchange (wrapped however you wish!). Do the Duchamp thing: bring an assisted readymade, rectified readymade, corrected readymade, or reciprocal readymade.
[Note for those of you who have not had "modern art" a readymade may be defined as commonplace, prefabricated objects, isolated from their function and context with or without alteration, elevated to the status of fine art by a the act of declaration, and perhaps, also mere selection.]

Here's a photo from what I believe was the inaugural event, held at my place, back in 2004 or 2005.
Address: 125 Hemingway Place in Georgetown.
Map on this link. NOTE: Google Maps is outdated, there are no large trees in the lawn.

Take a study break and come over on Wednesday! All art students are invited!

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Boris Zakic said...

thanks, Me+1 will be there early. look forward!