Monday, June 27, 2011

"The Grand Tour"

Greece 2011:
"Paionios or not?" my colleagues Drs. Ranieri and King at Olympia

above: tough crowd at our exhibition Theseus from Troezen to Athens (image Dr. Shea)

getting ready for the show at Kamares, Sifnos

Discussing "Procrustean Curating" at The Last Grand Tour at the Cycladic Mus., Athens.

Working on Alizarine (spelling "trouble" in front of the Nauplion Art Gallery)
from left: Hannah (UK), Rachel (WKU), Liza (UofL), Abby (BSU), Audrey (UK) and Catherine (Centre)

Showcasing Drs. Shea and King at Ancient Corinth yesterday.

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Earl Grey said...

Looks like this was a fantastic experience with or without some "austerity" measures. Safe travels!