Monday, May 2, 2011

what to do with an art degree

I often get the question of "what can I do with an art degree?"  SOOO MANY THINGS.  I often respond with "what can I you do with a business degree?"

An art degree opens up so many opportunities.  If you ever want to know what some of our graduates have done make sure to ask a faculty member since the list is getting longer.  But we have had students become graphic designers, web designers, fashion pattern collectors, grad students in a number of focal areas.

But I ran across this firm of specific designers and just had to share. They work specifically with Animates Movie Title Sequences. Here are few of there works you may already be familiar with.

You can see more HERE.
From the source (In case you`re interested and seeking more detailed or technical information, inspiration or approach during design process, check out these sites: Enjoy them full screen and out loud!)

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