Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Talkin' GC Art Guest Speakers!

Here are a couple of pictures from last night's guided tour with equine artist Jaime Corum.

Check out Jaime's website and don't miss Horse Sensibility: Works by Jaime Corum on view in the Cochenour Gallery through May 8 (in time for some Derby Day inspiration)!

Since we're talkin' horses this week, some of you may remember The Exquisite Equine: Portrait of a Horse exhibition in the Anne Wright Wilson Gallery last fall, and photographer Sarah Hoskins, who came to GC to speak with Professor Kincer's class and the community on September 30, 2010.  Well, CONGRATULATIONS SARAH, for receiving an NPR Award for Homeplace, her photo documentary on the African-American Hamlets in Kentucky's Inner Bluegrass Region!  

And, since some of us might be bettin' horses this week, here's one of Sarah's "Backside" series photographs, featured in the Exquisite Equine show, for luck.
Sarah Hoskins, Horse and Towels, 1995, gelatin silver print, 9" x 12", Courtesy of the Artist


Earl Grey said...

The show is timely, with Derby just around the corner. Many thanks to our partner, the Equine Scholars Program, who put us into contact with Jaime.

If you've not seen the show, check it out in the LRC. A fine study break!!

Boris Zakic said...

good timing, to second Earl Gray.
I have brought the painting students through to see the work. Everyone was excited about handling the out-of focus-background: the use of filberts and the round marks made for somewhat of a Vermeeresque shimmer in treatment of foliage.
The inclusion of the glass-boxes, we thought, was a nice decision too: crafty & less predictable. Enjoyed it--