Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Out With the Old, In With the New

Over Spring Break I spent some time changing and updating my website, A friend introduced me to WordPress and how the platform can be easily edited, changed, and customized. Over the course of a few days I came up with a look and concept that I like.

In the beginning, WordPress was a bit daunting, mostly because I didn't know how to control the application or where adjustments or nuances could be found. But in time I located the features I wanted and have come up with something. I'm still continuing to edit and tweak and what I like most is that I can enter and edit my site through WordPress's online access. This means I can access my site from any computer—at home, at work, wherever.

Ultimately WordPress is a lot like Blogger (what we use for GCVA) in that it is designed as a blogging tool. But with the correct edits and adjustments it can be turned into more of a full-fledged portfolio site.

This might be an interesting option for those with little web design or coding experience. It might be even more interesting for those who do. If you have your own site and domain name, you can import and use; if you just want a free site, you can visit


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