Friday, August 20, 2010

This is my inaugural post. No particular theme for this week, but here are some subjects I look forward to writing about this fall. Obviously, my primary focus will be on coursework from ART115, ART117, ART232/332, and Spring ART455, the activities of KappaPi, and the GC galleries and exhibitions and the rest. On slow weeks, expect some thoughts on various topics: the latest from Liverpool Biennial, TAMU exhibition, the collaborations with faculty, on s p a c e (w. Decker/Stewart) or the exhibition at Hanover College (w. Graham/Kincer), etc., as well as the latest from the Lexington Art League’s events and programs. From what I can tell so far, it will be an exciting and busy semester.

Finally, in spirit of teaching in Greece next year and with this summer cooling off, here is a typical westwardly view of the Parthenon, squint-glazed by the just-as-typical mid-afternoon Aegean Sun. Gives me pause every time. For Greece and other Summer Abroad KIIS programs, see website:

(courtesy of Dr. Arnson-Svarlien, Athens 2007)

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