Friday, August 27, 2010

Boris's 2nd, 8/27 Re: Departures

That’s the way it goes. Art opens and closes, comes and goes, moves on. I will be another to say I miss Leticia Bajuyo’s “pink slinkies” already (just as I regret missing saying hello to her yesterday). I enjoyed it for many reasons. Yes, they were a perfect set-up for pretend spaceship odyssey with a two-year old, or pleasure of different kind altogether, if you’re up for a colorful dose of pink-on-green every morning. But whatever your conversation comes of it, chances are, it drew you close. It’s the kind of draw that a well-done public piece usually does.

Also, tonight is the last of Becky Alley’s “Creatures Great & Small” at the LAL (5/3rd Fourth Friday reception will start at 6pm). Since I could afford to drop-in a few times over the summer, I didn’t take it in all at once and viewed it incrementally. In this way, taxidermic artfix, freaky animatronics, a mild Frankenstein reflex remained somewhat compartmentalized sensations. In almost all cases, I believe Alley kept “cuteness” in check, and went for the deep-down romance with bringing creatures (still in Herriot’s sense) to life. Unadulterated stuff. Catch it in before it departs.

(That’s tonight 6-9pm w. food from Calistoga, music by Corduroy Sedan, on patio for the outdoor entertainment. Loudoun House, and if you need more info, call 859-254-7024.)

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