Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Field Trip Report: Kentucky's Governor's Mansion

Good news, bad news.....Good news - the Speed Museum is undergoing renovation and expansion. Bad news - the Speed Museum is closed until 2015. What's an art historian supposed to do? Follow the art! 

William Mason Brown (American, 1828-1898)
Peaches, about 1870
Oil on Canvas. Gift of Mrs. Hattie Bishop Speed. 1927.28 on view at the Governor's Mansion

Follow the Kentucky Collection to the Governor's Mansion in Frankfort for an exhibit curated by independent scholar Estill Curtis Pennington. 

front of the mansion, to the East of the Capitol Building

On view until late April 2013, you'll find early nineteenth-century portraitists, including Asa Park's contemporary Matthew Harris Jouett, among later artists, including still life painter William Mason Brown and genre painters Mary Spencer Nay and Lucy Diecks who aimed to document myriad aspects of Kentucky life. Our guide was David Buchta, from the Division of Historic Properties. His tour and explanation was fantastic. And, he gave us time to wander the first floor on our own. What a treat!

Paul Sawyier's Wapping Street
(a reproduction of which hangs in
the Ensor Learning Resource Center at Georgetown College)

This trip would not have been possible without our colleague, Prof. Kincer, who chauffeured us to the mansion. Thank you, Darrell!

A souvenir gathered by Prof. Kincer

And, a hearty welcome, as always to Emeritus Prof. Doug Griggs who is always welcome on these tours because he's a general fan of art and because he knows American architecture. 

Our lively tour group of art history survey students and special guest star Shawn
This concludes our list of "official" art history/curatorial field trips this semester.  So, if you've missed these opportunities to the Governor's Mansion, the Contemporary Art Center, 21c, the Taft Art Museum, or the Loudoun House, try to visit one or more of these locations on your own this summer! There will be plenty of opportunities in store for the fall, as well. Join us!

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