Wednesday, November 7, 2012

ART 170 Design via Photography, Design Principles

Melanie TotsikasMelanie TotsikasMakenzie EsterleErin JosephLindsey MartindaleKhant Minn
Khant MinnBecca CasonDairian HeardLexie StovelLexie StovelLexie Stovel
Josh SmithJosh SmithPhillip DavisPhillip DavisPhillip DavisTayler Potts
Tayler PottsMarvin FloresWill GarnerJessica D'AmbrosioJeff BrachJeff Brach
This photographic assignment covered issues related to Chapter 3 of Jeremy Webb's "Basics Creative Photography." Students considered how design principles unite and provide visual interest in their photographs, as well as how these abstract elements may be meaningful in and of themselves.

In addition, they provided written responses identifying and explaining how these design principles were reflected in their work, as well as how those principles allude to deeper concepts and meaning in their photographs.

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