Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Full Circle, or Old is New Again

I'm fascinated by how there is this opportunity to come full circle in photography these days. We are in a unique time where the breadth of photographic methods are not only available to practice, but can be intertwined with each other, combining both analog and digital methods.

One professional group that champions traditional methods is F295, an organization dedicated to the continued "exploration of 21st century photography," and a great deal of that is finding links to the past. F295 will have their annual conference in Pittsburgh, PA this coming June. David Emitt Adams, whose work is featured above, will be one of the speakers. I was enamored with his series of wet plate collodion photographs entitled "36 Exposures," featuring portraits of his students printed on the film canisters those students had shot for class; a very clever and thoughtful twist of phrase, so to speak. (This is the same process that Sally Mann uses in her segment on the PBS series, Art21.) Fantastic work.

Image above: Detail from "36 Exposures" by David Emitt Adams

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