Monday, May 21, 2012

Commencement Day Celebrations
Kurtis, Bess, Jordan, Dr. Barry Munitz, Dr. Decker, and Laura 
(photo by Dr. Rosemary Allen)
Saturday morning, students from my "New Museum Theory" course were treated to a breakfast with the Commencement speaker, Dr. Barry Munitz, who gave the address later that morning. We were joined by Dr. Allen, Provost of the College, for breakfast and conversation in the Colbert Room. Among the many topics under discussion, we chatted about connoisseurship (using our portrait by Royal Academician Sir Joshua Reynolds as an example), the "value" of art (using Munch's Scream as our focal point), curatorial ambition and the importance of loans to museums, and education. Dr. Munitz shared his time and a number of fantastic stories of his life and work in museums, including the Getty, as well as some current thinking on museums and education. I, personally, am grateful for the opportunity to have met him and spend time with him.  Students, I hope you enjoyed this as much as Laura and I did. Thank you to Dr. Crouch and Board Trustee, Earl Goode, for inviting us to have breakfast with the speaker and for making his visit possible.

I was able to get a few photographs (thanks, parents and friends for taking these) so I've posted a few images from the post-ceremony festivities below. Unfortunately, the group photo of all art majors didn't quite work out this year, and I don't have photos of all of our art students. Please feel free to send in and share your photos with us (remember, we're not all Facebook-ers!)

Bess and Dr. Decker, with Daniel Stage Left

2/3 of the Fall 2011 class: Shawn and Danielle with their thesis director, Dr. Decker. Where's Ryley???

A huge fan of art history, but certainly not a major (there's still time, Josh!)
Of course, graduation day is a time to connect with current students and let them know that their time is right around the corner. Here I am with Lynsey, art history major GC '14.
Lynsey and Dr. Decker, two years ahead of schedule
Congratulations, graduates! Take care, and please keep in touch!

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