Monday, January 23, 2012

Welcome Back (I hope)

      Thought I would start off the new semester with a brand new installation made from 1,000 bicycles entitled Forever bicycles by dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, who emerged four months ago from a prolonged detention by the Chinese government for alleged economic crimes. The installation is one of 21 artworks on display as part of “Ai Weiwei Absent,” at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum and runs through January 29th. 
      Images like this can be inspiring, at least they are to me and I hope they are to you.  This got me thinking of things I hope for in the coming semester and I have made a short list. 

I hope your break was amazing, or at least refreshing or different.
I hope you find inspiration for yourself this semester 
     and I hope you don't wait for someone to bring it to you. 
I hope you are ready to get to work.
I hope you are excited about your classes.
I hope your ambitions are chomping at the bit. 
I hope this semester is a pivotal one.
I hope you missed us.
I hope coming into the building makes you feel at home.

Welcome back. 

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Earl Grey said...

Ditto to everything Daniel wrote:)

Thanks, Daniel for the awesome welcome!!