Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Homecoming Memories

From Dr. Decker's Art 302 students' role-playing Chat and Reception for From the Ground Up: Georgetown College Spaces and Places in the Cochenour Gallery to the Kidz Arts & Craft Zone, here are some of last week's most memorable Homecoming art moments.
Jen Stephenson in costume.
Shawn McPeek and Dr. Decker prepare to "break a leg".
Chatty GC students past and present enjoying the conversations.
Fun Face Photo-grapher Wesley Folsom shows off his Tiger spirit.
Silkscreen tattoo artist extraordinaire a.k.a. Professor Daniel Graham at work.
Maddy Fritz Tiger-izing Shelby Riddell with Laura Hatton and Kayleigh Riddell looking on.

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Earl Grey said...

Thanks for the post and photos. What a fantastic turnout for all events. Thanks to everyone for jobs well done. I look forward to next year's Homecoming!