Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Graphic Designer by Design

Last spring, several students in Jessica Shields' publishing class reviewed 100 posters designed for art exhibitions at Cincinnati's Weston Art GallerySee several of the works they chose for Georgetown College's own show and meet graphic designer Scott Bruno during a reception on Thursday, September 8 from 4:30-6:30PM in the Cochenour GalleryScott will be speaking at 5:30 (NEXUS event)The exhibition 16/100 by Scott Bruno is on view through September 15--check it out! 

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Boris Zakic said...

It is often difficult to appreciate designer’s desire to recede into the background, unless we cast a spotlight on just that. Congrats to Cochenour for the treat! Bruno, discussing everything from process to his candid views on artists, their work and selectivity, gave a clear glimpse of his work’s challenges. Whether new, old, broad or narrow, his challenges are also exciting and full of self-discovery. Much to learn from.