Sunday, August 28, 2011

Welcome Back!

Welcome and welcome back to our art majors and all art students! We've got a number of events planned for the fall, beginning this week. Join us Wednesday, August 31, beginning at 3:30 for the following:
3:30 Art gallery workers/student assistants meeting -- if you wish to work in the galleries, come to this meeting. Each of our faculty need at least one assistant as well. If you're interested in working for a faculty member, come to this meeting!
4:00 Art Tigers - for all students interested in learning more about the galleries and the opportunity to earn NEXUS credit while sharing their love for art!
4:30 Kappa Pi/SODAH/Art Club & Art History Reading Group meetings
5:00 London meeting for those interested in taking "The Making of the Modern Museum" w/ Dr. Decker over Christmas break
and, a teaser for this week's artist talk on Thursday night with Greg Mueller. . .
Stay tuned for further events, information, and updates.