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Report: June 22 Art Walk in New Albany

Earl Grey and Boris Zakic discuss Painting along with alums
Mary Margaret and Rachel
and one of the students involved in the creation of this work,
Alex, a senior art major at GC.
As mentioned previously on this blog and on the Georgetown College website, the 2013 entries of the New Albany Public Art Project (including Boris Zakic's installation) officially debuted on Saturday evening. Artists were on hand to discuss their works and to sign posters that visitors were able to make (using silkscreens designed by Ron Jasin of Madpixel Art and Design and available at the location of each of the sites where new public art is to be explored this year). 
Boris signs a poster made
by one of the attendees Saturday night. Each new public art
piece was embodied visually as a screen image that visitors
could apply to a blank poster sheet (with the help of friendly
volunteers to demonstrate the silkscreen process).
Artists were available to sign the image representing their installation.

In addition, five pieces from prior years were also celebrated, since they remain in place. In all, visitors could take in 9 installations and meet all of the artists who brought their vision to New Albany over the past few years. 
We attended the Art Walk on Saturday evening to welcome Boris Zakic’s Painting which celebrates New Albany’s visual arts past, specifically painter George W. Morrison (see last photo in this post for more info). In addition to Painting, three other new pieces were on view created by artists from the region. 

Earl Grey and Alex discussing materials' use.

Tennessee-based artists Lee and Betty Benson's installation, The Stage That New Albany Built, consists of lumber stacks that take shape as a stage, calling to mind the robust performing arts history in New Albany. This piece, like many of the Bensons's pieces, pays itself forward, as well, since the lumber will be donated to Habitat for Humanity when the piece is dismantled in 2015.

Tiffany Carbonneau’s New Albany Now interprets the theme of New Albany’s museums and history through crowd-sourced videos montaged and projected on the side of Wick's Pizza, across the street from Boris' piece. Unfortunately, during the opening we couldn't experience the piece immediately since the debut was held off until sunset (at the close of Saturday's event). I look forward to seeing it the next time I am in New Albany (at dark)...

Sacks of Food is Michael Wimmer's attentive visualization of the "local" phenomenon in food; that is, his work celebrates the city’s culinary traditions through its location at the farmers market building at Bank and Market streets and its subject -- painted Styrofoam pieces that look like the wares of markets today. 

If you haven't made the trip over to New Albany, make time to do so. Check out Painting and the other works and let us know what you think!

A label and extended caption at the site of Painting.

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