Saturday, December 22, 2012

Opportunity: Study Abroad in London, '13-14 with Dr. Decker

Students from the 2007-08 trip. See any familiar faces?
Start saving your pennies and planning ahead for December 26, 2013....

Dr. Decker will be leading a two-week course in England called Great Exhibitions (see description below). The course may be used as an upper-level art history course or an elective within the art major, as well as upper-level hours. 

The course is part of the larger offerings of CCSA. See their site here (although info on Dec 2013-Jan 2014 has not yet been posted). The tentative travel dates are December 26, 2013 through January 8, 2014.
Our visits include Tate Modern, shown here with
Doris Salcedo's installation Shibboleth, the 8th commission in the famed Unilever series.

If you're interested in visiting museums and collections, consider taking this course. More info will be provided in the late Spring. 

Course Description: This course examines museum collections in Southern England, including London, Brighton, and Oxford as well as historic sites such as Bath and Stonehenge. Students will examine the collections at the British Museum, National Portrait Gallery and the Tate Museums, Imperial War Museum, Natural History Museum, Shakespeare’s Globe, and several sites outside of London, including Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum and The Story Museum, a center for story and storytelling in this rich city associated with stories, including those of Evelyn Waugh and Lewis Carroll. The museum visits enable students to learn about the history of museums through the collections of specific institutions and through the eyes of the viewer. Students will encounter the spaces of museums directly and will critically analyze collections and their purposes daily.

Can you say "scandal," as in the Elgin Marbles,
shown here in the British Museum?
Feel free to send an email to me with questions!

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Cortney Ragene said...

Everyone HAS to go! This class is amazing and you will not regret choosing to spend two weeks of your life in London.