Thursday, August 30, 2012

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back to Georgetown College!

The weekend before classes began First Year Students were treated to an Orientation program entitled "Spaces and Places" that brought students to various parts of campus to learn about the college's past, present, and future. Students learned about classical education and athletics; Kentucky architecture and the famed painting of the college; community involvement and vocational discernment; and social activities past and present. 

Koeppe and Earl Grey put on costumes of today and yesteryear.

First-years learn about the college's 19th-century campus from Dr. Harold Tallant, History Department.
Earlier in the weekend, students came together for a service outing -- they went to "Old Friends" to learn about retired horses and to clean and weed the cemetery there.
Is this a weed?

Working hard. . .

Best wishes for a great semester. 

Stay tuned to the department blog for updates on events, department information, and other news of interest to art students. And, of course, come visit us in the art department soon!


Cortney Ragene said...

It's sad that no one wore the mascot head from my good ole' days as George... Although to be honest I wouldn't wish that fate on anyone.

Earl Grey said...

They had to coax me to put that Tiger's head on my head! I was okay with donning it because it is, actually, in great shape be/c it's housed in our Archives. Thank you to Jim McCormick for making that costume (the one Jim designed in on the right, the lighter tiger that I am wearing).

(Get back to work on your MA thesis, Cort!)