Friday, April 9, 2010

YOU are invited to this years Senior show!

The graduating seniors of Georgetown College invite you to this years thesis exhibition, an opportunity to exhibit their innovative and creative skills and the hard work after three and a half years of guided education and experiences. Elements of Human Cartography offers an insightful look into the interests of eleven studio art and two art history Bachelor of Arts candidates. The two exhibitions will include installation and performance work, two- and three- dimensional work and art historical lectures of the research conducted by the two art historians.

The first show opens April 15 (with a reception 5-7 that includes FOOD). Your friends in that show include:
Brenton Curry (sculpture)
Angelina McCoy (painting)
Erica Miller (painting)
Laura Philpot (bookarts)
Lynnesy Rowland (photography)
At 6 p.m. Julie Jones and Daniel Ware, art history majors, will be giving a lecture on the topics they have been researching on this past year.
This show will be up until April 25.

The second show opens April 29 (with reception and more food from 5-7).
The second show includes:
Angie Chahin (painting)
Peggy Coots (painting)
Joel Darland (sculpture)
Erica Janszen (digital)
Ashley Mitchell (installation)
Nick Wagner (drawing).
This show will be open until May 9

Senior show website click here.

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