Wednesday, November 18, 2009

hard case book making

This is a great lapse time video of traditional and modern print and book making processes.

It starts with printing etchings from copper plates (they are using a thin piece of mylar to block the extra ink in order to get a clean square without an embossment. Since it is a book the embossment would show through the other other side of the page) They next do some large monotype printing on copper plates (this is process of of inking up a etching plate and altering it before printing this is done in the video with Q tips and newsprint)
They then use polymer plate printing on a Vandercook to do the letterpress work. This must be done after the etchings to keep the embossment and the etchings are printed with wet paper while the letterpress is done dry.
Next the books are coptic sewn and head banded.
They make paper the right way with a vat of pulp and water and pulled through a mold and deckle then pressed and dried.
Finally the books are bounds and pressed to stay flat in drying.
Great example of process start to finish
Thanks to Darrell for showing it to me.

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