Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Layers Exhibition and Other Opportunities

The Layers exhibition, featuring Linda Wilson and Kristy Deetz, will be opening Thursday evening, March 5, from 5-7 PM.

Kristy will be involved with a number of events Thursday. From 1:30-3:30 she will be hosting a workshop on encaustic painting. This is a CEP event and an outstanding opportunity to learn a new medium for painting. If you are interested, contact Rachel Brewer to reserve a spot. Kristy will also be giving an artist talk at the opening. This too is a CEP event. Then again on Friday, she will be talking about her work with a slide show at 11:00 AM.

Linda Wilson will be returning to Georgetown on Friday, April 3 at 1 PM to discuss her work. (I'm excited about this event—Linda and I went to SCAD together back in the day.) More info about that Friday to come later.

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