Friday, September 26, 2008

Adobe CS4 Anounced

Over the past week, Adobe has announced the release of their new creative suite, CS4. Typically each new edition is quite similar to the last, however there will always be those new functions and capabilities that may make an upgrade worthwhile. Most notably, the creative suites are taking advantage of newer and faster computers that process 64 bits instead of the previous 32.

Of course we have multiple Adobe applications in our Mac lab, but if you are interested in having your own software, buying now as a student can save you a ton of money. Adobe offers significant student/education discounts that reduce the prices dramatically. For example, CS4 Design Premium would cost $1799 to the average Joe, but only runs $599 for students! Now I know $600 isn't chump change, but that's 66% off the regular cost, saving you $1200 (the price of a new iMac).

To find out more about Adobe student/education information, you can click HERE. To check on pricing, click HERE. And don't forget, you can make all of these purchases at the Store here at Georgetown College. Just ask to speak with Kim and he can help you out.

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